Super Size Me Analysis

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Darren Duplessis Professor Pena English 1301.200 22 May 2018 Super Size Me: How Fast Food Contributes to American Obesity If a whole bunch of fit people have body fat measurements under 15% containing 20-30 of pure extra muscle are still considered obese, how accurate is the given advice for today’s overweight people? Both healthy and unhealthy people could care less about how their food made it to their plates. The amount of people who are considered fit that indulge in fast food are the same people who end up not being fit while continuing to indulge. Our overall health will forever be sabotaged by the love of fast food. The Natural Health Information Article and Newsletter, “Take control of your Health” questioned obesity’s true role …show more content…

The variety of prominent fast food chains we are surrounded by entice us to indulge in the same unhealthy fast food diet if you eliminate the McDonalds factor. Although Super Size me isn’t the most accurate representation of a fast food diet, the ingredients of the processed drive thru meals contain various similarities to a fast food diet, thus making Super Size Me partially invalid. Dr. Mercola considered it to be a powerful illustration of the dangers of a fast food diet, but now writer and comedian Tom Naughton has come out with the video "Fat Head," which claims the message in Super Size Me is inaccurate and very misleading. Naughton copied Spurlock’s experimental approach by eating a certain type of repeatedly for an extended period of time. Naughton strived towards a more realistic fast food diet of the average American individual. McDonald’s was included in Naughton’s experiment along with any other fast food restaurant you would choose for lunch to simulate a much more realistic everyday diet meal plan. Naughton was unable to get Spurlock's food log, showing exactly Spurlock ate while filming remains a mystery weakening the validity of his argument. Although he created a successful documentary, Naughton is a comedian; he tells jokes for a living. He’s nowhere near being an expert in anything regarding health. His logical appeal was attempting to persuade us that Spurlock’s claims were exaggerated. Our communities are being destroyed at every level and the only way to reverse these trends is through educating our peers and not feeding children happy meals as often, if not

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