Super Soldiers And Super Soldier Experimentation Essay

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Super Soldier Experiments Going through life, at times, one would wonder how vast the greed of human beings is. Is it as dangerous as we think? Wanting something? Desiring something so much that you would risk everything you own and love? Is it as sinful as we are taught as kids to believe? All we have to do is take those desires and create something good out of it. However, when we desire something that affects the rights of other living things, it is extremely bad and these questions will all be answered with a solid “Yes.”. I will be sharing with you the opinion of many others whom are against such situations; situations such as super soldier experiments.
Super Soldier experimentation is a version of human experiments on military soldiers based on the idea of making them the perfect killing machines. The government in charge of a certain military base doesn’t want any interference of human emotions, hunger, PTSD, and fatigue. For those in charge, being rid of those pesky human emotions would benefit them greatly due to the fact that those sorts of emotions may negatively impact the army’s progress in defeating their enemies. These kinds of experiments as well as other types of human experiments have been going on for as long as the first World War or, perhaps, even before then. Numerous have been articles put out on very notable figures in history partaking in these supposedly top secret events. Genetically modified humans have been an ambitious venture for

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