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SGT2-TASK1 PRESENTER’S NOTES IDENTIFICATION OF CHOSEN POPULATION Mexico has replaced United States as the most obese country in the Western Hemisphere. The problem of obesity in Mexico has become a global public health challenge and was accepted by the World Health Organization as such in 1997. 70% of Mexicans are overweight while 32.8% of them are obese. 1 out of every 6 Mexicans adults suffer from weight related chronic diseases such as diabetis, heart disease and certain cancers. 70,000 Mexicans die each year from weight related diabetis. 400, 000 new cases of diabetis arise each year. FACTORS THAT INFLUENCE OBESITY IN THE MEXICAN POPULATION The problem of obesity in Mexico is very…show more content…
There is also the belief that whatever happens, happens. They believe that if they are going to get diabetis, they get diabetis. It is meant to happen. Also, the parents expect their kids to clean their plate in order to not waste food which ends up in overeating. ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS AFFECTING OBESITY IN MEXICANS They reside in low income communities where unhealthy food choices are made due to lots of fast food stores. These areas are not safe so they tend to stay indoors and have minimal physical activity. There is limited amount of fresh produce and lots of sweets and snack items. Since these areas are not safe, there are few safe areas where children can play therefore they end up watching a lot of TV with no physical activity. The schools they attend have poor PE facilities so there is not much physical activity in school. There is also a high exposure to commercials of high sugar, high fat snacks. PAST CONSIDERATIONS Obesity rate was much lower in the past as people were doing more manual labor, they were eating more nutritious, home grown grains, beans, corn, fresh vegetables and fruits. The existence of cars was very minimal in the past so people used to bike and walk much more than now. PRESENT CONSIDERATIONS More and more people have moved from rural areas to urban areas.

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