Supercenter Case Study Essay

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Another Supercenter Needed in Plainview Everyone likes to have a choice of where they like to shop. However, the distance a consumer has to travel may be a problem. In addition to this, the cost of gasoline and the amount of time they are allotted also may be another issue. In order to find the solution to this problem, I propose another supercenter like Target come to Plainview. Target coming to Plainview would solve this problem and could also benefit the idea of shopping locally. It is would be good for shoppers to have another choice to shop other than the local Walmart already in Plainview. On the other hand, supercenters like Target do not usually come to small towns. In order for Target to come to small towns as Plainview there are certain factors to consider. According to Andrea McCauley, a Target spokeswoman, “Target is selective when choosing new store locations…” Target’s leaders have to consider population growth in a potential location before they can decide to move there. Plainview is a town surrounded by smaller towns. Nearby towns come to Plainview to meet their shopping requirement, whether it be groceries, clothing, or household supplies. I consider Plainview a sufficient location for a Target. This is prosperous town that would be …show more content…

Both supercenters are fairly similar in the products that they sell. The only difference is that each store has their own product line. The price of products are also fairly similar. Both supercenters have sales that they put out at certain times. The coming of Target would create competition with Walmart, which would lower the price of products. Both supercenters have large pharmacies. Target would bring another pharmacy to Plainview, which is very needed because Walmart’s pharmacy is over stressed. Target would help bring in more people to Plainview, moreover it could also bring business to local

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