Superheroes: The Scarlet Pimpernel and Batman

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Is having an alien power the only classification of being a superhero? If you don’t fall into a bucket of radioactive waste can you still be called super? There are many “normal” human people that have taken on the role of a superhero and thus have been deemed fit for the title. Of course they aren’t really normal at all, because they all have those defining attributes to them that characterize them into the “hero” category; such as courage, strength, intelligence, loyalty, etc,. Both Batman and the Scarlet Pimpernel are examples of normal human beings who have taken on the role of a superhero in the eyes of their society. Although they both have qualities that tie them to the name of a superhero, being the humans that they are, make them so very different from each other. The Scarlet Pimpernel and Batman both have their own distinct stories. Firstly, Batman arose when a common criminal shot his parents instilling young eight year old Bruce Wayne to make a solemn oath to avenge his beloved parents’ death (Online). He left his city to go study around the world and then came back and became Gotham City’s vigilante. He chose a bat as his symbol because it was something that struck fear in him and he wanted his enemies to fear the very thing he himself had overcome. In the movie, Batman Begins, it shows how Bruce left for a while and found the League of Shadows lead by Ra’s al Ghul, who trained him to fight and other important skills (Film). Throughout his life, Batman fights
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