Superstitions : Superstitions And Superstitions

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Elizabethan Era: Superstitions The topic I chose was “superstitions”. When I started my research I had no idea that some of our superstitions are a copy of their superstitions. I never our superstitions weren’t just made up by us overnight, but I did not realize how much our superstitions originated from the Elizabethan Era. In researching this paper, I learned where some of our superstitions came from, some new superstitions, and some explanation for some superstitions, that make you stop and think. We’re going to start off by talking about some of our superstitions and how they are a continuation of the Elizabethan Era superstitions. One of our traditions is actually their superstition. Which is saying “Bless you” to someone who sneezes. Now think about this, we have been saying bless you to someone when they sneeze for as long as anyone can remember. We don’t think about it, it’s just something we done even to strangers. We just consider it a friendly gesture, but back then it was considered way more than a friendly gesture. In the Elizabethan Era, they thought that when you opened your mouth to sneeze you were giving a demon the entrance into your body. So they would say bless you to warn off any possibility off evil and harm. Another thing we gained from the Elizabethan Era is the song “Ring around the Rosie”. If it was not for the Elizabethan Era we would not have that song that we used to skip around to as a little kid. We use the song as a happy thing in life,

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