Supervision And Leadership Of Certificated Employees

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Supervision and Leadership of Certificated Employees in Idaho Schools The State of Idaho provides school districts with the flexibility to offer certified employee different types of contracts depending on the situation and tenure. Each of these contracts requires due process rights, evaluation protocol and grievance procedures although the procedures may vary slightly. Administrators must possess a thorough knowledge of the statutes and requirements of the contracts to effectively lead their schools. In Idaho Supreme Court Case Brown v Caldwell, Ms. Deborah Brown sued the Caldwell School District for terminating her contract because she felt her due process rights had been violated. She believed she had been promised a future position …show more content…

When performance appraisals hide true employee actions, we are doing a disservice to the students, the school, and to the employee. If the employee is not performing adequately, administrators need to provide the tools and resources to correct the behavior. Administrators can use evaluation tools, such as the Danielson Model, to set expectations and provide formal feedback on teacher performance. Certified employees are entitled one written evaluation delivered by May 1 comprised of two observations during the year, with one occurring before January 1 (Issuance of Annual Contracts, 2015). The second annual contract category is a Category Two contract. A Category Two contract is offered to a certified employee in the first and second years of continuous employment with the same school district. If the school board decides not to rehire this employee, a written statement with reasons for the non-rehire must be provided by the first day of July. However, the employee is not entitled to have this decision reviewed (Issuance of Annual Contracts, 2015). School districts offer a Category Three contract to certified employees in their third continuous year of employment with a district. When a district hires a certified employee with previous experience, there is the option to place them on a Category Three contact. These employees are entitled to more due process rights than either Category

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