Industrial Organization (I/O) Psychology- Casino Security Officer

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Industrial Organization (I/O) Psychology- Casino Security Officer Teresia Green
Ashford University Online
Psy302: Industrial/Organizational Psychology
Instructor: Nancy Devore
May 18, 2013

INDUSTRIAL/ORGANIZATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY 2 Industrial Organization (I/O) Psychology- Casino Security Officer Industrial Organizational (I/O) Psychology deals with employee training and development, structure organization and consumer behavior including stress management and motivation techniques. The purpose of this paper is to apply I/O Psychology to a casino security officer employee and the organization. Working as a security officer for a casino can be challenging, however, with a
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Prior to the second
INDUSTRIAL/ORGANIZATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY 4 interview, however, the applicant must agree to a drug test on the same day and consent to future, random drug testing.
The third interview involves establishing physical fitness requirements and situational training. According to Nevada Gaming Control, “To be eligible for obtaining a security guard registration card from the state department, you need to successfully complete an eight-hour Pre-Assignment course.” (2013). There is no limit on how many times one can attempt to complete this course. Caesars Palace Corporation provides all necessary training for employees and potential employees.
The appropriate pay level for a security guard at Caesars Palace depends on type of work involved and years of experience. According to Payscale Summary Report on Gaming Surveillance Officers and Gaming Investigators, “security guards with more than a year 's experience can easily make $27,000 to $34,000 every year. With each year, candidates can expect a steady rise in the salary package and after 5 to 7 years of hard work, the package will definitely reach six figures” (Rosner & Campbell ,2011). Those with more experiences such as retired police officers, starting salary can be much higher.
Employees at this organization are given performance appraisals yearly. However, they are also given feedback monthly regarding their performance and what
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