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The Role of Information Systems in Supply Chain Strategic agility: a systematic literature review Nicholas Mavengere, Marko Mäkipää, Mikko Ruohonen University of Tampere, Finland {nicholas.mavengere, marko.makipaa, mikko.j.ruohonen} Abstract. The prevalent competitive business environment has forced companies to devise strategies to survive. Strategic agility is one such business imperative companies require in the dynamic environment. Strategic agility is comprised of strategic sensitivity, strategic response and collective capabilities. Moreover, companies are collaborating in order to gain competitive advantage. This led to formation of supply chain to work collectively in response to the environment pressures. In addition,…show more content…
SLR (Okoli and Schabram, 2010) and conceptual-analytic research (Järvinen, 2004) guidelines are used to address the research question; how do information systems impact strategic agility in supply chain? Järvinen (2008) argued the need to start on a tentative literature survey to check if there an existent literature reviews on the research theme. We did not find any SLR which adequately addressed the research question and therefore the motivation to perform a detailed literature review. The contributions of this research includes identify the existing literature for the strategic agility and IS role in SC and make use of it in facilitating theory development. Moreover, this review identifies and scope future research activities by highlighting possible future research questions (Kitchenham, 2004). The next section, Section 2 elaborates the research themes, strategic agility, SC and IS role. Then in Section 3, the research method which is systematic literature review is clarified. After that, Section 4 highlights the results of this research and next Section 5 clarifies the contributions. Finally, the discussion and conclusion of the study is Section 6. 2 Research themes In this section we briefly describe the research themes namely strategic agility, SC and IS role. From a tentative literature survey conducted as recommended by Järvinen (2008) we noted that these
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