Importance Of Operations And Supply Chain Management

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Importance of Operations
Organizations’ have matured over the years; they have learned and adapted to become more strategic in every aspect of their business. One way organizations’ have done this is by understanding the importance of operations and supply chain management. The author will explain how operations and supply chain management evolved to what it is today, how this is important to the company’s strategy, and define the dimensions of the quality. Evolution
Everything adapts and changes as it matures. This is how things advance to the next stage of evolution. Operations and supply chain management is not exception to this rule, it too advanced. In the early years this term was never thought of, companies focused on logistics research and was concerned on how to improve material handling. By the 1960’s it was all about merging warehouse, transportation and material handling in to one label called Physical Distribution. (Robinson, 2015) Technology increased its evolution and by the 1970’s-1980’s computers optimized the system for companies to create programs to help with planning, storage and inventory controls. It was during this time that organizational leaders saw the importance of operations and supply chain management had on the company’s bottom line. To improve available data collected and accuracy ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system was implemented in the 1990’s. Technology made the biggest impact to operations and supply chain management

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