Support Children And Young People

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Support children and young people to have positive relationships
1.1 Identify the different relationships children and young people may have
There are many different relationships that children develop as they grow, babies know that they cry to get attention from their parent for food or just a cuddle this is the beginning of learning to build relationships. Every child and family are different in how they believe relationships should be made and who children are allowed to talk to or be around so everyone is different when it comes to who they trust or get along with. Relationships children and young people may have are: parental, carer, sibling, family, friendship, emotional, acquaintance and professional.
1.2 Explain the importance of positive relationships for development and wellbeing
The quality of relationships that we as practitioners have with children and young people has a huge effect on the way in which we can work with them and help them. When children feel comfortable with us they can separate more easily from their parents, they are more likely to participate in the play and learning activities if they are secure emotionally. When children have a strong relationship they are less likely to show unwanted behaviour as we can recognise and meet their needs, children’s language may develop more quickly as they feel confident talking to us. Practitioners can plan more accurately as they understand children’s developmental needs and know their interests and what

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