Supporting Interactive System Testing With Interaction Sequences

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Supporting Interactive System Testing with
Interaction Sequences
Jessica Turner
Faculty of Computing and Mathematical Sciences, University of Waikato
August 13, 2015
1 Research Topic
An interactive system is a piece of software or a device which requires human input. It consists of a user interface which the user interacts with to access the underlying functions, described formally in code. This allows the user to easily manipulate the system in order to complete some task. An important subset of interactive systems is safety-critical interactive systems (a system in which errors can lead to injury or even death to the user). Unfortunately, the testing of these systems is currently inadequate, resulting in serious harm or even fatalities (see [1] [2]).
A test is de ned in the Oxford Dictionary as: A procedure intended to establish the quality, performance, or reliability of something, especially before it is taken into widespread use"; [3]. The purpose of interactive system testing is not only to ensure that the system does what it is expected to, but also to identify problems within the current version of the system. The resolution of these problems will help to establish the quality, performance and/or reliability" [3] of the system and help to avoid future incidents.
In this research we propose using interaction sequences as an abstraction of the system under test to support the testing process. An interaction sequence is the series of steps a user can take to perform a…
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