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P1 – State the chosen age range and area of development AND describe the development of the children or young people in this age range
The age range I have chosen is 3-7 yrs and I will discuss intellectual development. The main stages of intellectual development as defined by Jean Piaget for children aged 3-7 yrs are classified under the “Preoperational Stage” the second stage of four in his cognitive development theory. Piaget states that children between the ages of 3-7 yrs continue to explore their environment and develop their thinking from their experience. They use mental imagery and begin to represent their thinking symbolically through language and the symbolic use of objects, such as using a doll to represent a baby. They tend
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For example the writer could say “The runner ran quickly across the grass” or by using higher level structures the writer could say “Swiftly the supreme athlete strode over the cropped turf”. Children need to use new and challenging language repeatedly in order to embed it and understand how to use it appropriately. As the child’s cognitive development progresses, so will their understanding and use of “higher level writing voice”. P7 – Give reasons why the teaching assistant should observe children and young people regularly
Regular observations are essential educational practice within the Foundation Phase. Careful observations enable the teaching assistant to make objective assessments relating to each pupils behaviour patterns, learning styles, levels of development, existing skills, curriculum strengths and weaknesses, current learning needs and learning achievements. Observations enable teaching assistants to stay aware of children’s changing interests; this can encourage pupils to learn as they are more likely to be interested in learning if the topics are related to the things that children are familiar with. Observations are also a good way to monitor pupil’s behaviour and to support development in all seven areas of learning.
P8 – Explain why children or young people in your chosen age range should be given
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