Surfboard Care Research Paper

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Whether you just bought your first surfboard or your third, proper surfboard care and maintenance is a topic you need to be familiar with. Not knowing what you should do and what you shouldn't do with your board can reek havoc on its well being. To help you keep your board in good health and you successfully riding waves, we've created a list of surfboard do's and don't every serious surfer needs to follow. The Don'ts of Surfboard Care Leaving your surfboard in a sweltering hot car or sitting outside for long periods of time in direct sunlight is never a good idea. Both circumstances can lead to a damaged board. Extreme heat and drastic temperature changes can weaken or crack the outer layer, which may eventually cause delamination, meaning the outer coating separates from the foam core. Continuing to surf on a dinged up surfboard is asking for trouble. As time passes, water will enter your surfboard, damaging the foam core. Getting your board fixed as soon as possible is a must; otherwise, you'll be left with a waterlogged mess. If you need to fix a ding temporarily, you can use wax, but …show more content…

Salt water left on your board will damage it in the long run. Mother nature can be harsh on your surfboard. Storing it inside will save it from the sun, rain, and even morning dew. Unfortunately, if you do leave your board outside for prolonged periods of time you could end-up damaging its structural integrity. Buy a board bag to keep your surfboard safe while you travel to and from the beach. It's also a good idea to dry your board off before putting it in its bag. Putting your surfboard in soaking wet will eventually lead to delamination. Always use a leash when surfing near rocky breaks. Not using one can end in large repair bills or worse. If you're looking for a new or used surfboard, please contact us today to view our large inventory of surfboards and surf

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