Surfing Through Musical History : Music

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Jimmie Johnson
Perter Runge
FYS 141
December 7, 2016

Surfing through Musical History
Music is a beautiful thing. Music has a way of expressing emotions that cannot be described by words themselves. It has a way of influencing people and a society as a whole. Without music the world would be silent. The surfing world is no exception. The society of surfing has been affected by music over centuries. Music plays a major influential part in the history of surfing. The history of music in surfing actually evolves in waves. To be precise it happens in three waves, the beginning of instrumental music, surf culture theme based music and music produced by a surf environment are the most momentous stages of evolution of surf music that have impacted the surf world. Music has been around for centuries. In the early ages, music started off as a beautiful melody of instrumental sounds. The beginning of surf music began the same way in the Hawaiian Islands. There is no exact date as to when Hawaiian music originally began, but we do know that they had music instruments such as shakers and drums or as they call them pahus. They would use these instruments in a melodic way in rituals and festive gatherings, before they became more associated with surf music. Surf style music of the Hawaiian islands didn’t come about until European settlers came to Hawaii in the late 17th century to late 18th century. These European settlers brought along their musical knowledge and instruments to the…
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