Surgical Counts

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Informational Speech Making it count in surgery Purpose: To prevent retained items in Surgical Procedures Thesis: My goal is to inform my audience the importance of counting the instruments and sterile supplies for Surgical Procedures. Organizational Pattern: Topical I. Introduction A. Attention Getter: Have you ever heard of someone having a sponge left inside them from surgery? When this happens, it’s because staff did not count correctly. A retained object can cause a patient pain, severe infection, additional surgical procedures and even death. B. Relevance: According to Joint Commission statistics, Retained Surgical Items are the most reported sentinel events C. Credibility: I’ve been an…show more content…
2. The surgeon is kept in the loop about this count as it is occurring. Transition: As you can see, it is incredibly important to count. TWO staff members perform the counts to help prevent errors. C. But what do we do if a count is wrong? 1. Inform the surgeon immediately 2. Everyone looks. a. Surgeon looks in the wound b. The Scrub technologist checks the sterile fields c. The circulator sees if it’s off the field, on the floor in the waste bucket, etc. 3. Still can’t find it? a. We keep looking. b. We x-ray the surgical site Transition: Items have found inside of patients. There has been a lap sponge tucked in a pelvis, a 4 x 4 sponge in an arm, a clamp on a vessel, instruments in the abdomen, items left in spinal incisions. This is why we look. III. Conclusion A. Thesis/Summary: I hope you have a better understanding of what the surgery staff members do to keep patients safe from a retained foreign body. B. Memorable Close: Operating Room Nurses and Scrub Technologist put the patient safety first. They are an important part of the surgical team and account for the items the surgeon uses during surgery. If you or a loved one has to have surgery, I hope you are comforted by
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