Surrogates the Movie

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Surrogates: “Look at yourselves, unplug from your chairs, get up, and look in the mirror what you see is how God made you we’re not meant to experience life through a machine.” This seems to be the moral of this movie in the year 2017 and takes place in Boston, MA. Bruce Willis plays an FBI detective named Tom Greer working on a very mysterious murder of a young man who is the son of a prominent inventor. A news style montage opens the movie and provides you with the fundamental basis for the movie. The viewer learns that the technology of Surrogates took 14 years to develop into the everyday application as it would be depicted in the film. The surrogate project started as a way to help the disabled experience life in a way that…show more content…
It was originally founded by Dr. Canter but due to differences in philosophy he was removed as President of the company but remained a beneficiary of the profits from the sale of surrogates. The excitement builds as Tom pursues the investigation and gets closer to figuring out the conspiracy. So far he has learned that a Human Coalition member murdered the son of a Dr Canter and that the target was actually Dr Canter himself but because his son used a surrogate belonging to Dr Canter the murderer thought that he was killing him but accidentally killed his son. The military in cooperation with VCI developed a weapon that would overload surrogates and shut them down in an effort to quickly win battles without casualties. A major problem was discovered with the weapon during its initial tests and it had unintentionally killed the operators of the surrogates. The weapon was ordered to be destroyed and of the 5 that were created only 4 were actually destroyed and one remained. The military did not know who had the remaining weapon but an assumption must be made that VCI had the weapon and somehow it had fallen in to the hands of the Human Coalition who were bent on the murder of Dr Canter for creating this new society that is an abomination. Tom reveals to the military that when he was in the Human Coalitions Boston reservation he knew the weapon was there and in the
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