Susan B. Anthony : An American Icon

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Susan B. Anthony Susan B. Anthony was a born a fighter she never stopped protesting the morally incorrect in her first years to her last she fought for equality. Susan B. Anthony is an American icon known for her work with the Women Suffrage Movement she influenced the American culture and brought all American women a better future. Her legacy sculpted feminism and helped the community pave the way to equality. Susan B. Anthony was born an activist her family being involved in the Anti-Slavery Movement she developed her strong moral compass early and wanted to bring equality for all. She was born February 15, 1820 in Adams, Massachusetts into her Quaker family. Her mother was raised a Baptist and her father was a Quaker an active abolitionist cotton manufacturer. She was the second oldest of 8 children only six of the eight went into adulthood. Susan’s parents raised the children to hold the strongest morals which included the children not being allowed to play with toys, listen to music, or play games because it was believed that it would distract the children from their “inner light”. In 1826 the family moved to Battenville, N.Y. from Massachusetts. The family decided to put Susan in school she went to a district school but when they refused to teach Susan long division she was home-schooled. After finding a better suited school Susan was sent to a Quaker school, near Philadelphia. In 1837 Susan’s family went through the depression for her father in 1838 to declare
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