Sustainability Is Still A New Concept In The Lebanese Community.

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Sustainability is still a new concept in the Lebanese community. Since 2009, many initiatives took place to embed sustainability into businesses in Lebanon, by creating the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Lebanon website and by making annual international meetings since 2011 to discuss sustainability in practice and not only in theory. Lebanese banks have been implementing sustainability in their approaches, and they have been financing small businesses and start-ups to move into more sustainable practices. The last annual meeting took place in April 2016. As detailed in the report by Lacy and al., “A new era of sustainability: UN Global Compact-Accenture CEO study 2010,” while CEOs in the world are convinced, now, more than ever, of …show more content…

- With increased concern about education, health issues, climate change, depleting natural resources, and social development, a new corporation needs to tailor its operations to be as environmental friendly as possible and to tackle the needs of its customers and its employees by providing its employees with hand-on trainings and allowing them to grow financially, emotionally, and professionally. This is done by incorporating sustainability at the core of the business and not only as a peripheral choice. It needs to consider its customers as kings and to tailor its operations to tackle their needs and concerns.
- It also needs to collaborate and engage with the different players, investors, and governments since everything is interconnected and everyone has a role to play no matter how small that role seems.
- It needs to resort to new technologies because nothing can be done nowadays without using the internet, social media, computers, networks, green technology, etc… The use of information and communication technologies leverages the use of energy towards more efficient energy consumption. Social media connects people and businesses more easily and allows consumers to interact more efficiently with businesses.
While some challenges are

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