Essay Sustainability of the Intersection in Ontario, Canada

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The signalized intersection between Highway 12 and Pine Street in Ontario, Canada has been facing some challenges in its current design. Therefore, future analysis and design of the intersection should incorporate a suitable sustainability indicator to ensure that the intersection remains functional as a long-term solution. Perhaps the most important sustainability indicators for the intersection’s future analysis or evaluation should be traffic demand together with the future population (Litman 12). These sustainability indicators will ensure that the intersection remains safe and performs at an optimum level for the future based on how it is designed today.
The most significant challenge that the intersection has been facing is the
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This has led to loss of fuel, energy and time when vehicles, especially trucks, wait for their chance to clear the intersection. This is because drivers have to keep their vehicle engines on unnecessarily at the intersection. In addition, this challenge has led to increased travel costs due to reduced accessibility of vehicles to their destinations in time. The vehicular delays are even high during peak hours in this intersection. Therefore, future evaluation of the intersection should consider congestion and mobility as the most important design challenge. However, in the evaluation of congestion-reducing design strategies, civil engineers should adopt sustainable mechanisms. For example, design mechanisms that increase diversity in the transport system such as transit improvement will increase sustainability. On the other hand, those designs that increase the population of traffic such as expansion of the intersection may reduce sustainability. To increase sustainability, civil engineers should consider reliability and transport expenditures in the new design. The current design of the intersection is unsustainable due to improper timing of the traffic signals. There should be some regulations to the current traffic signals to avoid long delays in traffic (Kockelman and Shabih 17). Mobility barriers at the intersection can result to a slow response to emergencies. Therefore, the timing of traffic lights at the
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