Sustainable Development In Africa

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Living sustainably means only consuming as much as we need, while making sure to never consume so much that it cannot be replaced. Changing habits in daily or community life, in government or in business is often referred to as “greening practices”. The term “green” is used to refer to anything that is built for or working towards a sustainable, environmentally-friendly future. Sustainable development is not just about conserving our resources: it is about changing our culture to make conservation a way of life. The earth has a natural balance, and over consumption of its resources, whether it is polluting or diverting water, or over-using land for building or agriculture or mining, or clear cutting of forests, or over-fishing the ocean, or burning too many fossil fuels throws that balance off and makes it difficult for the earth to renew itself. However there are also significant challenges related to achieving sustainable development. Let us examine reasons why progression towards sustainable development is lagging in Africa.

1. Extreme poverty, poverty is one of the biggest dilemma facing the issue of sustainable development in Africa. Poverty in Africa is linked to the environment in complex ways, particularly in natural resource-based African economies. About two-thirds of the populations in African countries live in rural areas, deriving their main source of income from agriculture. African economies are historically indigenous economies. Trees are cut for fuel wood,

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