Sustainable, Humane, Local And Fair

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Sustainable, Humane, Local and Fair
Consumers today are more aware of where their food comes from and increasingly adamant that the food they eat align with their values. Though the factors that motivate shoppers to seek sustainable (less harmful to the environment and less wasteful of resources), humane (less cruel to animals), local (supporting family-owned farmers and processors and the local economy, and less carbon emitted during transportation) and fair (just compensation and treatment of workers) food products differ, they overlap and often go together/lead to the same result. For example, values-oriented consumers may prefer cage-free eggs or free-range beef (or may abstain from animal products altogether) because of the
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One factor behind the appeal of local foods is the reduction in vehicle-miles traveled to bring food products from their origin to their destination, making local foods more sustainable (at least on one metric). Sustainability focuses on reducing energy- and resource-use throughout all aspects of food production, processing and distribution. Food waste has become a particularly hot topic in the food industry, and something businesses are beginning to tackle. Solutions include new processing technologies, such as Mouvex’s “eccentric disc pump products” that maximize product recovery from piping, as well as new packaging strategies, such as single-serve packs that ultimately result in less waste by consumers. Food and beverage manufacturing companies can also increase their sustainability by using less packaging material overall and more environmentally-friendly materials, such as bioplastics.

Energy remains a salient issue for food and beverage manufacturing companies, given the large amount of power required to control temperatures, operate equipment and ship products. Businesses, motivated by their own environmental goals, consumer preferences, and especially by potential cost savings, seek ways to
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