Sweatshops : Reflection In The Framework Of Globalization

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Nice post this week! I agree that when the majority of people hear or think if sweatshops it is in a negative way. I know I did until I learned more about them and what they do for people. I believe that sweatshops are still not okay in my opinion, but for what they are they are starting to improve and are more beneficial and safer for workers. I totally agree it is wrong, but when looking at it from both sides I can see where these people are coming from. Being who I am I will probably never be okay with the thought of sweatshops, but some people need it to survive and support their families. Plus, if we do stop buying from them it will only make it worse for them. I cannot even imagine how much worse it could get! I agree with you that sweatshops function in the framework of globalization. It is crazy how a $2 wage is something to brag about in China, but in the United States, it would not cut it at all. I think if I were running my own business I would use them because I know if I do not it just makes the problem worse, but I would make sure that everyone is treated fairly and has good working conditions. I also really liked your analogy about CSR being the underrated bass player in a rock band! I agree. Nice job this week!

Hi Katelyn, Gorecki
Great post this week! I enjoyed reading your thoughts and seeing your perspective. My impression of sweatshops has changed because I would always associate sweatshops being bad and that no one should ever use

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