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Sweet ladies - Rachel Cusk, 2003
Sweet ladies is a British short story written by Rachel Cusk in 2003. The story is written in third person narrative and the main person is Sylvia Furnish. The short story takes place in the southern England in Doniford, which is an old and quiet village near the sea. Maybe Sylvia has lived in Doniford for most of her life, if not all of it. It is in this village Sylvia has changed from a young and happy mother, like the young girls she know despises to a bitter middle-aged woman. Adolescents live in the village, normal people, poor people like Troy and his mother and fashionable people like Terry. The story could be set in the 1900's because of the atmosphere and the different class of society, but it
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Sylvia lives a lonely life because once her sons dominated her life, but now they are living their own lives. Sylvia thinks it is unfair that the young girls still have their children and someone to take care of. She thinks that the young girls don’t know anything about how to be a good mom. Silvia is bitter and instead of looking at her present, she looks at her past “it was Sylvia that gave birth and life to it again and again, who freshened up her shame each spring” But there is a reason why Sylvia doesn’t have her children anymore. Back then she had been hard on them because they had dominated her existence and now they live in another place.

She is a strong person because when her two boys were still were children her husband left her alone, and she had nothing but the shop to support them. She does not give up easily and she survived and looked after her two sons. Her bad past has made her hypersensitive about others with children and a perfect lifestyle. The experience has given her a tough exterior. “She ain’t got no money” said Troy... “That’s not my concern” said Sylvia” She has no sympathy with the little three-year-old gypsy boy and his pale mother. Sylvia’s though exterior and bitterness can also be seen when she confronts Troy’s mother. “If he wants it, he’ll have to pay for it,” she said bitterly…” She is not like a candy lady she is supposed to be.
The little boy Troy his role in the story is that he reminds Sylvia about her own

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