Switzerland Report 2005 Essay

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Switzerland is an independent country that has been able to maintain its neutrality, making them honored by the major European powers. An interesting historical fact is that Switzerland was not involved in either of the two World Wars. Switzerland’s active role in many UN and international organizations has been a positive strategy strengthening ties with its neighbors, but also letting them retain a strong commitment to neutrality. However, Switzerland did not officially become a UN member until 2002.
Switzerland is located in Central Europe, east of France and North of Italy. Bordering countries are Austria, France, Italy, Liechtenstein and Germany. Bern is the capital city with Zurich being the largest city. It is mostly …show more content…

From the seven members a President and Vice President, are elected following the principle of seniority. Their constitution provided that the Federal Assembly chooses and supervises the cabinet, however the Federal Council has gradually assumed a preeminent role in directing the legislative process as well as executing federal laws.
The Federal Tribunal – the federal Supreme Court, a judiciary consisting of a single regular court in Lausanne. (The Judicial Branch) The Tribunal consists of 30 full- time and 30 part-time judges elected for six-year terms by the Federal Assembly. The principal function is to hear appeals of civil and criminal cases. It has authority to review cantonal court decisions involving federal law and certain administrative rulings of federal departments, but it has no power to review legislation for constitutionality.
A strong emphasis on ballot votes arises out of the traditional Swiss belief that the will of the people is the final national authority. Every constitutional amendment adopted by parliament is automatically brought to the ballot and has to carry a double majority of votes and states in order to become effective.
The Swiss economy is very prosperous, a stable modern market with a highly skilled labor force and low unemployment. Their per capita income is virtually the highest in the world, as are their wages. The household

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