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SWOT Analysis STRENGTHS 1. Private Limited Company – more freedom in investment, always been profitable 2. Britain’s most centrally located deep sea port – most economical location, closest to UK container markets 3. Heritage / history as dominant in Bristol City centre 4. Both docks have good access to main motorway and railway 5. Strong motor vehicles sector (import and export) (p. 8) 6. Critical point for entry of a quarter of UK aviation fuel 7. Cost-effective, efficient and sustainable service lead of marketing mix (p.11) 8. Diversity of services (shipping, distribution and logistics) and products offered in different sectors (containers, motor vehicles, bulk energy products, animal feed and grains,…show more content…
15th port in UK: they should increase their total tonnage 7x to reach Grimsy and Immingham (1st), and by about 6x to equal London (2nd) and Milford Haven (3rd) [table 1] 5. Not significant on lists of largest liquid and dry bulk (relevant in the past and at the moment) 6. Loss of customer (coal) – forced changed in portfolio 7. Delay in container port has weakened BP competitive position 8. Need more investment to grow and increase competitiveness OPPORTUNITIES 1. Trend toward containerisation (p. 6), already a strong sector for them 2. Containerisation accounts for the majority of goods most freely exchanges across the world – busiest ports are container ports, trend to continue in the future 3. Imbalance between established location of UK ports and the distribution of high container destinations (p. 11) 4. Environmental issues gaining importance – need to improve energy consumption, reduce freight carbon emission levels and increase the use of sustainable modes of transport (p. 11) 5. New Deep Sea Container – only one with direct motorway and railway links in UK 6. Motor vehicle export growing in the UK – UK proved to be a popular location within the EU for other global manufactures to local major plants (p. 8) 7. Growth of imports in the UK 8. Decline in liquid bulk traffic, not important for Bristol but a hit for its competitors 9. Growth of developing economies – Manufactures goods produced

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