A Brief Overview Of The Cruise Industry

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Cruise Industry
Ahmed Bu Radhah
Pro. Ron Thompson
BUAD 330
Feb 5, 2017

A Brief Overview of the Topic
The cruise industry has undergone a number of significant changes from the days of tropical vacations and the days of transoceanic transportation, when the cruising services were only available to the domain of the elites in the society (Murphy, 2016). Today, the cruising industry has grown to a modern multimillion leisure and tourism industry, which provides an affordable option of vacation and a level of comfort, which is difficult to match for the average citizen (Chang, Park, Liu, & Roh, 2016). In addition, the number of people who cruise has been experiencing a significant increment over the years across the world. …show more content…

The alternatives and choices that have been provided by these companies include sailing vessels, smaller cruise ships, and yachts (Hung & Petrick, 2016). These alternatives and choices carry a few passengers to regulated ports, exotic destinations, and remote destinations, which are prohibited to larger ships of liners due to the concern of the effect of the influx of passengers on the local environment.
The changes that have occurred in the cruise industry need to be exhaustively discussed in order to understand the how the industry has undergone transformation over the years. As such, this paper will critically discuss the cruise industry and the changes that it has undergone over the years. This will help in providing information about this industry including its contribution to the global economy in terms of job creation among other positive and negative impacts that it has had on the global economy.
Outline of the Topics to be covered
The topics that this report will cover are as listed below:
Definition and Conceptualization of the Cruise Experience:
This topic will address diverse questions regarding the exact nature of cruise experience that have resulted into different interpretations and definitions of the aspects and realities round the cruise industry and service that it offers.
The development of the Cruise Industry: This topic will discuss how the cruise industry came into being and how it evolved into the modern cruise

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