Swot Analysis : Mayo Medical Laboratories

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Since 1971, Mayo Medical Laboratories has been a thriving for profit entity of Mayo Clinic; performing nearly 23 million tests annually for more than 4.5 million patients worldwide. MML launches 150 new tests annually for clients in more than 60 countries. From the draw of a specimen to the time results are given, there is a solid system in place to provide efficient results to patients. With every step, the sample is tracked by its autonomous identification number to provide metrics and analytics to upper management on the progress of not only human processes as well as automated machines.

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This provided us with information on how long it took the initial work area to check-in every sample, give it a unique identifier and then pass the samples to us for distribution. It then tracked how long transportation took from our area to the laboratory. Once a sample was tracked from our area to the laboratory, you could gather information on every time point through final results which provided enterprise-wide analytics. By providing the different work units with the data on timeliness, it became the entire organization’s goal to strive for excellence. Senior Management’s commitment to providing the best service for all clients was second to none. They consistently looked to reporting and output data to measure whether there was a need for improvement or an opportunity for positive feedback to all employees within the organization. This created a transparent atmosphere for employees. If there was room for improvement within a process, there were reports available for guidance to improve those areas. Once the improvement met the standards of management, success would be acknowledged. This leads into the pillar of Large-scale Ambition. There were weekly reports sent out to all areas of management and this provided a sense of friendly competition between work areas. Also, MML management would provide these reports to the traveling sales reps to promote the

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