Swot Analysis : Minit Lube Company

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Introduction This paper will analyze the Minit-Lube company, Minit Lube is an automotive maintenance that has strategically differentiated from other within the industry. this paper will examine the problems facing company and to use of the fundamental operations management tools to addresses the daily operational problems facing the company. the paper will also address the use of management tools by Minit Lube to achieve a competitive advantage within the market. in addition the, recommendation for enhanced Minit Lube’s strategies will be enumerated. Finally, an inferred conclusion will be made, There is no mention of functional, financial or personnel problems within the Minit-Lube company by the author of the case study. However, the automotive maintenance industry is very competitive and the company faces fierce competition from the gas stations, automotive repair chains such as Jiffy lube, and auto dealers. Therefore, the Mint Lube Company is confronted with the challenges of supporting their daily goals of keeping their customers happy and satisfied. Goals such as no appointment necessary for the fastest, within 10-minute lubrication maintenance in the industry; in addition the company has to strive to maintain their image and brand as the low-cost, quality establishment that provides excellent services to their customers seven days a week. moreover, since the Mint-Lube’s customers are accustomed to expecting high-quality service, the managers at the

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