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The mission and vision of Hostess is all about the growth of the company due to their most recent bankruptcy. In November 2012, Hostess filed bankruptcy due to a strike by the labor unions. However, that was only after one week of the strike, Hostess had an immense amount of debt due to mismanaged cost-cutting and operations. Hostess is currently run by leaders from companies such as; Ghirardelli, Nabisco, and Hershey. With the new members of a relaunching company they can reinvent how Hostess is going to move forward. In their most recent presentation for investors, Hostess lays out how they are growing and in what areas are they particularly interested in. Those areas are; Rebuild Core Business, Innovation and Renovation, White Space,…show more content…
After the company was revived from bankruptcy they needed a new way to bring the Hostess name to households. Recently this year the marketing unit of the company have come up with some new strategies to make this happen. They have re-invented the Twinkie, Ding Dong, and CupCake Cookies with inspiration from the “specialty candy stores and fudge shops, as well as trending recipes on Pinterest, these new treats feature high quality ingredients and aesthetic presentation ideal for special events and elevated dessert occasions.” ("Hostess® Expands In-Store Bakery…, 2017) By doing this they have given way to a whole new world of specialty treats for families to love. The Hostess Bake Shop is just one step in the right direction the company is taking to grow and expand their line of products. Another use of their marketing unit was through partnership with Bernstein-Rein Advertising. They had the love of older generations, but the goal was to reach out to the millennial age who is all about technology. “From a strategy standpoint, we’re anchored in developing topical and sharable content that resonates with a younger aspirational audience,” Mr. Greiter said. “(Hostess) is much more interested in not letting their target age out.” (Hamer, 2016) In doing this they left behind traditional ways of advertising through TV, Radio, and Billboards and focused on the electronic advertising through social media.
When Hostess made its comeback,

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