Levis Commodity Chain

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Commodity chain can be refer to a series of organizational process of production, as well as consumption, transportation and disposal in the global economy. In today’s world, most productions of goods involve commodity chain, For instance, Jeans, is classified as a category under pants, and people wear jeans in numerous occasions. As for jeans, which is a commodity that is extremely essential to everyone across the globe, it is considered as unavoidable, for we are both directly and indirectly make contacts with jeans on a daily basis, an average American would wear up to two pairs of jeans during the year of 2008, and this number is continue to increase. In particular, Americans love Levi Strauss, also known as Levi’s, it is a company known worldwide that is privately held and mainly produces denim jeans. Furthermore, Lewis is the largest manufacturing company of jeans production in the world due to its superb quality, the founding father of Levi’s, Levi Strauss also co-founded and patented Jeans in 1873. Levi’s is a vertically integrated company which means it owns or has owned factories at all levels of production, the production of Levis is spread around the globe. First, nearly 95 percent of its products are made from cotton, the cotton Levis uses is mainly grown in China, US, and India, Levis chose these three locations for their cotton production is because these three countries alone produce two thirds of world’s total output. Second, more than 70 percent of the

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