Swot Analysis Of Macy 's S

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SWOT Analysis
• Diversity:
With the acquisitions of small retailers at all regional levels, Macy’s has strategically aligned and integrated Diversity in all aspects of its operations. For Macy’s, diversity has become the most integral and essential part of business. Macy’s cater to a much diversified market and this has made it very beneficial to its customers, vendors, suppliers and business associates along with all the other stakeholders involved.
• Macy’s: The Brand Itself The strongest asset which Macy’s has is its image and the brand name. It has a the most recognizable name in the market and a unique ideology dating back to the 19th century when it accustomed itself in the American culture by starting the Macy’s …show more content…

This program gives an option to the stores to choose their merchandise by regional preference and keep the items which are more in demand, thus keeping a low inventory of the items.

In general, the retail industry continues to suffer enormous economic blows.
• Repositioning:
Some of Macy’s main competitors such as Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus have been quite successful in catering to wealthy and affluent customers. On the other hand, Wal-Mart and Target have been successful in cornering bargain hunters. Macy’s is caught in the middle and has to reposition itself in such a way that customers are attractive towards its affordable luxurious brands such as CK, Ralph Lauren etc.
• Regaining The Lost Brand Value
Customers bond a strong relationship with their regional stores, who spend time and money inculcating their brand image into the customers’ minds. When the brand suddenly changes, this has a negative effect on the company and as in Macy’s case; it has bought plenty of stores throughout the regional level of America.

• Macy’s first century of success was built on an entirely different concept. That concept has been altered dramatically by trendy, contemporary executives who have experienced very little success thus far and yet continue to take innovative risks.
• Macy’s continues to lose key executives who were loyal to former President Finkelstein. Macy’s struggles to recover from Chapter 11, yet its

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