Swot Analysis Of Pixar

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SWOT Analysis of Pixar
In 1974, Ed Catmull was hired to manage the Computer Graphic Lab (CGL) at the New York Institute of Technology. The CGL also hired a few other computer scientists who shared ambitions about creating the world’s first computer animated film. In 1979, Ed Catmull and his team moved to the computer division at Lucasfilm. In 1986, Steve Jobs bought the computer division from Lucasfilm, paid $5million to George Lucas for technology rights and founded an independent company, Pixar. Steve Jobs joined the company’s board of directors as chairman and Ed Catmull became the president of the company. In 1991, Pixar made a $26 million deal with Disney to produce three computer animated feature films. Pixar produced Toy
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The courses range from film making and creative writing to yoga and pilates. This provides employees a continuous education. In optional classes like yoga, people from different departments mix together, interact and appreciate one another (Taylor, 2008).
As a subsidiary company of Disney, one of the biggest companies in the entertainment industry, Pixar has strong financial support. Disney provides the production cost of the films, and it handles marketing and films promotions as well as distributions. Each of Pixar’s films made between $300 million and $1 billion at the box office, and two of them have exceeded $1 billion in income (Lynch, 2016).
Pixar provides its employees freedom to innovate and communicate in the process of making films. That is one of the most important factors in making the finest products in a creative industry. Also it is the most efficient and least time-consuming method to solve problems. The company has several feedback and review sessions during film production. The biggest one is the brain trust session. The brain trust is a group of experienced directors and producers who provide peer reviews for the films being made. These feedback sessions have played one of the most important roles in making the products better in the company’s history.
Pixar has exceptional talents not only in art and film making but also in science and technology. It has a group of engineers
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