Swot Analysis Of Samsung

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Samsung is a brand that has grown over the last 10-15 years and is well known for their good quality and innovative affordable products. Samsung has taken risk and made adjustments to become one of the most successful brand globally. Samsung has grown compared to its competitors but as with any company there is always opportunity for improvement. This paper will discuss Samsung entering into the automotive sector to create Samsung first smart car called Smartsung. Samsung is a well-known and acknowledged industry leader in the digital arena. The digital powerhouse strives to create superior products and services hoping to improve the lives of their customers around the world. Samsung has diversified their company products from consumer electronics, to telecommunications, home appliances and now a smart car. Samsung has shown that the successful diversification that it has been able to integrate into its operations has become an essential element in the company’s strategic plans. Samsung’s technology products include the screen technology, TVs, batteries and chip design. It also has manufacturing operations such as general manufacturing which comprises semiconductors and components, system production which involves applications and software and the device assembly packaging like the label assembly and batteries (Hong, 2012). Samsung truly caters to their consumers by making product consumers use for everyday life. Samsung continues to maintain brand loyalty with consumers

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