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Executive Summary This analysis will address the business environment of Accenture. The focus of this investigation will be to identify the areas within Accenture that focus on decision support systems and knowledge management practices. This analysis will examine the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for Accenture within today’s complex business atmosphere. Organizations today are striving to remain competitive in a market that is not only complex but constantly changing. Organizations that are both private and public are under pressures that force them to respond quickly to changing conditions and be innovative in the way they operate their business. Once this investigation is complete organizations that are large,…show more content…
They integrate the communications, collaboration and storage technologies in a single convenient package (Turban, E., Sharda, R., Delen, D, 2011).

SWOT Analysis By implementing knowledge management initiatives into company best practices Accenture has been able to diversify and avoid dependence on one single market for revenue. In addition, Accenture offers access to a wider customer base an enables continued inflows resulting in a strong revenue stream for the company. Conversely, intense competition in the market has made it harder for Accenture to maintain its growing profitability (Kaikati, 2003). Strengths of Accenture include diversifying its end markets and its geographic reach for all its clients across all industries. Accenture has a broad portfolio of offerings enabling the company to serve diverse customer needs in all of its locations. Finally, Accenture has one of the strongest brand labels in the world. Most recently Accenture’s brand has been recognized as one of the most desirable brands among researchers. For example, Accenture’s brand was ranked forty-five in Intrabrands best global brands study of 2011 (Kaikati, 2003). Much like any organization Accenture has one main weakness that puts its business at risk in the market when trying to stay competitive. Accenture’s main weakness includes its public legal proceedings involving not only private clients but the federal government as well. The most recent proceedings affecting

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