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Japan SWOT Analysis


Economy- Economy has a long term positive impact on Japan, which will add to its value. The qualitative factor of economy will lead to a decrease in costs for Japan

Japanese Biotechology-

Hard working People-

Sophisticated consumers with high purchasing power- They help Japan set trends and utilize latest technology. These customers tend to appreciate fashionable, name brand items that allow luxury goods makers to use their profits and knowledge of the Japanese consumer market to expand globally. Technology companies sell high tech and high priced goods to Japanese customers, which allows the entire country to utilize the latest technology. technology has a major correlation with productivity, …show more content…

Initially, the labor participation rates (which are low in many countries) can also be increased to temporarily reduce or delay the shortage. On the positive side, such a shortage increases the demand for labor, which can potentially result in a reduced unemployment rate as well as higher wages. As the birthrate in developed countries drops well below the “replacement rate” of 2.1 children born to every woman, to somewhere between 1.1 and 1.4 children — the declining population will have severe consequences in the near and distant future. Demographic decline causes anxiety because it is thought to go hand-in-hand with economic decline. With fewer, younger workers to pay the health and pension bills of an elderly population, states face an unprecedented fiscal burden. The dependency ratio of those aged 65 and over to those of working age looks set to double from one-to-four to one-to-two in 2050."

Natural Disasters-

Female Managers in Japan- Only 8% of managers are female in Japan, whereas, they are 40% in America and 20% in China. This difference in female participation means Japan is only getting their ideas from men. The loss of creative ideas is a debilitation consequence of low female participation.

Lost Cost of Capital in Japan-Japan's reliance on low cost of capital is hurting their economy. Japan's government institutions hand out money to try and revitalize ailing companies. These low

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