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Last Sunday, 19th March, over 1300 beachgoers bared all and went for a very cheeky dip indeed at Sydney’s Cobblers Beach in Mosman, taking part in the 5th annual Skinny Swim.

The nude swim that’s not about nudity, as told by their website, the Skinny Swim was created by Nigel March, to promote positivity and throw insecurities aside. It is all about embracing your body and a sense of adventure.

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“The Sydney Skinny is a fantastic day out with lots of laughter, a supportive vibe and a focus on happiness”, the event founder told The Daily Telegraph.

“It’s not about being seen nude or seeing anyone else nude. The Sydney Skinny is about leaving …show more content…

One skinny dipper, a mother of two said, "Everyone was of different shapes, sizes, ages but all bursted with acceptance, courage, happiness and gratefulness! It was a celebration...a joyous celebration of our bodies."

"Half way through the 900m swim as I started doing backstroke, I couldnt help but giggle as I saw my body exposed to the sky, my post baby breasts bobbing around in the water, my child bearing hips and my legs jiggling as they kicked behind me. At that moment I felt a rush of appreciation of my body, what it has been through and what it enables me to do.”

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Open to anyone over 18 and offering both 300m and 900m swims as well as allowing for flipper or floaties, the course is designed to accommodate a wide range of swimming abilities.

You also don’t have to worry about exposing yourself completely as everyone will be as starkers as you, with only ticketed swimmers allowed on the sand. Families and friends are encouraged to attend the free festival area (from which the beach is out of sight) to enjoy various stalls, food and

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