Sylvan Learning Observation

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When I arrived for my interview at Tunica Middle School for the seventh grade math teacher position, I was asked the usual questions about strengths, weakness, and my previous work experience. In turn, asked questions about teacher expectations. The teaching position was open in February. However, I believe it was the perfect opportunity for Mr. Newson, the principal, to divulge and share his vision for the school. He did not. Mr. Newson did not display many of the Envisioner traits in my first year.
My Envisioner exemplars are David Novak, CEO YUM! Brands and Peter Cohen, President and CEO Sylvan Learning. Each delivered on all of the 10 Traits of Highly Effective Principals promulgated by Elaine McEwan. David exhibited Envisioner skills such as the hedgehog concept by focusing on multi-branding. Peter …show more content…

My principal did not use these skills in the hiring process in terms of fit. Looking back, he just wanted to cover a shift and ride out the year.
The hedgehog concept is to focus on one main thing until completion. The main thing for Mr. Newson was hiring another black male teacher to fit into a vacancy. Focused attention on teaching and learning did not arrive until the Conservator did. Then, it became her vision for the school district. However, he did make it clear: No excuses allowed for safety initiatives such as shirts not being tucked in and teachers in the hallway during transition.
Some principals may feel called to be an administrator. Mr. Newson was an excellent coach. He used sports analogies and metaphors to convey his messages. His leadership approach was to allow the teachers to teach while he was there to provide disciplinary support. His goals and life vision were not

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