The Relationship Between Literacy And Symbolic Play

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Worthington (2011) stated that: Play is a complex landscape where children’s thinking and the complexity of their ideas and signs deserve closer attention, if practitioners are to understand and truly value children’s meaning-making.
Children’s self-chosen and spontaneous imagined scenarios and their play are in possibilities because they are the children’s own and in their culture (Riojas-Cortez, 2001 in Carruthers et al, 2011). There is a direct relationship between children’s meaning making in play and in their ability to use mark and symbol. Symbolic play is the precursor of symbolic language such as writing and mathematics, in children’s mathematical graphics they combine the signs of scribbles, drawing, letters, words and numerals, as well as standard symbols to convey …show more content…

The information can be directly representative of what we see (as in photographs or in drawings) or more abstract- for example information which is spatial (as in maps, plans and diagrams) or numerical (as tables and graphs) (cited in Carruthers et al, 2011;28).
Both Vygotsky and Kress, strongly argued that the relation between symbolic play and literacy, that there also exist a mathematical representation. These representations are too referred to written math such as drawing, geometrical shapes, charts and graphs. Matthews (1999) stated that young children take a developmental perspective, in which children use their graphical marks, symbols and other perspective in order to explore and communicate their meanings and narrative and the importance’s of context that impacts on the children’s cultural contexts with their social interaction and with their peers that impacts on their drawing process and the meaning constructed and conveyed (Carruthers et al,

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