Symbolism In Animal Farm

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More Intelligence can make someone more equal than someone with less intelligence. George Orwell creates characters, which are animals, to create a good story and also discuss a real life global issue thus making Animal Farm an Aesop fable. Reading the book literally the animals rebel against the farm owner because he did not treat the animals equally, but after the rebellion the pigs put themselves in power and did the exact same as Mr. Jones. Thematically the novel was inspired by the Russian Revolution of 1917. Just like in the novel the Russian citizens felt unequally treated, so they overthrew Tsar Nicholas II. Vladimir Lenin put himself in charge also treating people unequally using propaganda to stay in charge. In Animal Farm, a political allegory, George Orwell, the author, uses symbolism by introducing characters like Napoleon, sheep, and Boxer to show how different levels of intelligence can establish different levels of equality. Boxer, a strong horse, had a low overall intelligence level which made him only good for labor therefor his character symbolizes a low working class in the real social world. Boxer was unaware and not able to realize how Napoleon was misusing his power. Boxer just went along with the things he though were right because he could not think as much as other animals on the farm. Boxer creates slogans such as, “If comrade Napoleon says it, it must be right” and “I will work harder” which he put to use in his everyday life (Orwell 51).

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