Symbolism Of The Angel In Shakespeare's 'Cat Of Tremella'

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“Angels are bright still, though the brightest fell,” (William Shakespeare) Lucifer, the cat from the movie Cinderella (1950), represents the Biblical Lucifer. In the way that his fall from the tower (1 hour, 11 minutes), portrays Lucifer (Satan) fall from heaven. Lucifer is an extremely spoiled, imperious, and gluttonous cat, who seems to disrupt Cinderella plans only making her life harder, showing no appreciation for her kindness and good nature. He wanted to stay above Cinderella in position. Bruno the dog represents St. Michael and how he strikes Lucifer down from heaven. Falling from the tower is to be considered Lucifer descending from his "heaven" where he had everything, just as the biblical Lucifer did.
Lucifer is the precious cat of Tremaine's’, the step mother of Cinderella. Lucifer, his only loyalty lies with that of his mistress, Lady Tremaine, who treats him as royalty and acts as his mother figures. She fuels him with ignorance, arrogance, and a superiority complex towards all others. For example, the scene where Lucifer lays on the bed with lady Tremaine (22 minutes), he creeps onto the bed and into the shadows, this symbolizes his dark evil essence. As she orders Cinderella with excessive chores, Lucifer sits high and mighty with a a wide grin of wicked satisfaction for Cinderella's grief. But when Tremaine says "sees Lucifer gets his bath" (23 minutes 30 seconds), Lucifer sighs with discourage, not wanting to wash away or cleanse the evil that is his

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