What Is Lady Tremaine's Envy To Cinderella

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Anastasia Tremaine, one of the two “ugly” step sisters. Anastasia has long red hair with ringlets and bangs and contacts, she only wears pinks clothes/dresses. Anastasia is selfish, spoiled and has great envy towards cinderella and her incredible beauty. Daughter of Lady Tremaine, it was Lady Tremaine's destiny to make sure one of her daughters would marry a prince bringing her into loyalty. After Anastasia thrusted her foot into the glass slipper, after coming to the conclusion that her foot would not work. Quite opinionated, when the fairy god mother put the spell on her and therefor making it so her evil step mom and ugly step sister wouldn't notice her, both Anastasia and Drizella had such great nice things to say. Although their mother
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