Symptoms And Treatment Of A Treatment Plan

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MD is not as common and is usually mild. DM2is the only myotonic MD that does not display anticipation 10.
Physiological aspect.
Although at this time there is no cure for MD medical professionals can utilize many different techniques in order to improve the quality of life for these individuals. One must keep in mind that every MD patient is different. All forms of MD, and even the same forms of MD, are highly variable. Some patients may be more severe, while others display very mild symptoms. Some patients may have all of the routine symptoms, while others only have a few that lead to the diagnoses. A very accurate diagnoses is monumental in the success of a treatment plan. Treatment is a team effort with multiple disciplines of health …show more content…

The key to working the patients out is to avoid maximal execution of energy, and instead workout using mild to moderate exercises. Maximal exercises have been shown to be counterproductive, and may contribute to the loss of strength seen in MD patients 11. Exercises should be adapted to where they are enjoyed and the patient does not dread going through them. If the patient is a child the therapist could refer to the treatment as “play time” and make the exercise more of a game. Patients with MD benefit greatly with swimming in a pool. The hydrostatic pressure in the pool takes weight off the swimmer and allows for more controlled and easier movements. Pools can lead to getting more out of a treatment session. Therapists could also perform massage or point patients in the direction of yoga. Both have shown to increase relaxation and provide positive psychological benefits.
PT professionals may perform postural drainage due to respiratory problems often seen in MD patients. They may teach coughing techniques or even manually assist the patient in coughing. If the respiratory muscles get severe enough the PT professional may recommend the use of a device that will assist the patient with breathing, especially patients that have breathing problems arise at night. While the patient is losing the ability to ambulate the physical therapy team will first provide adaptive equipment such as walker or crutches

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