Symptoms And Treatment Of Chest Pain

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Chest pain
Chest cavity is a space in the body that occurs at the top of the abdominopelvic or peritoneal cavity and between the neck and epigastric region, where most organs of various systems including some fetal parts occur. Anatomically it consists of many sub small cavities such as pleural cavity (area between the double folded membrane surrounding each lung) and mediastenum (space between but outside the two lungs) where the heart locates.
Chest pain is the one of the most prominent symptom and complaints of many diseases that affects different systems. The major causes of acute chest pain include cardiac, gastroesophageal, nervous, psychological, musculoskeletal pulmonary condition and others
It considered as a medical emergency because it may symptom a number of many serious conditions. The first thing that you may think after chest pain is a heart attack, although the pain can be a symptom for heart attack but fortunately the case is not always that cardiac in origin, surly chest pain is not something to ignore, and only way to confirm its cause is to seek a medical practitioner to evaluate the condition.
So it is important to diagnose the etiologies of cardiac conditions in patients that suffering a chest pain, in addition to chest pain of non cardiac causes might be common and serious. Performing a history taking and well physical examination stay behind the most critical element for evaluating a patient that
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