Symptoms And Treatment Of Infectious Diseases

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Life begins at fertilization, the cells begin to divide, and a human being starts to form.
The baby will grow through varies stages, as it develops its own organs, skeleton, and chemical process, everything it will need in order to survive outside of its mother. If all goes well, then the baby should emerge as a normal functioning, reasoning, and health human being. There are however times when things do not go well, and the developing baby is harmed, and damaged, with lifelong abnormalities. Disease, and chemical substances can cause harm the developing child, these are called teratogens, Fiore (2011) defines teratogens as “any environmental agent that causes harm to the embryo, or fetus” (p. 69).
Infectious diseases can harm the embryo, and fetus during pregnancy, but there are times during development when they are more susceptible, to specific diseases. (Fiore 2011, pp.70-72) discuss these diseases, and applies time lines of vulnerability to each. One such disease is syphilis, Fiore (2011) states “Syphilis is a sexually transmitted infection that, if untreated may affect the fetus” (p.70). If a fetus survives an infection, it may suffer from such ailments as blindness, deafness, and mental retardation. Worldwide syphilis is a major problem as Ham, Lin, Newman, Wijesooriya, and Kamb (2015) reported “WHO [World Health Organization] estimated that untreated syphilis in pregnancy resulted in approximately 521 000 adverse perinatal outcomes globally in 2008, including …212

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