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Week 4 Individual Assignment: Synergetic Solutions Susana Pena COM 530 Mark Busby Univ. of Phoenix February 5, 2013 * Describe at least three internal and external forces of change for Synergetic Solutions. * * * The external forces of change for Synergetic Solutions include technology, economic shocks, and competition. Technology is the one force that has caused for companies in the technology business to stay innovated and have skills be up to date with the needs of customers. Synergetic Solutions made the attempt to rely on a type of business that would promote slow and steady change and for employees to sustain their skills for a long period of time. Technology is not slow and steady and companies are…show more content…
Prior to competition, Synergetic Solutions did not have a need to compete in its prior market (Robbins & Judge, 2011). * * What factors does a leader in this organization need to consider to implement a change strategy successfully? Describe at least two change models the leader might employ. Evaluate the communication necessary to implement change using these models. * * * The factors needing to consider was being able to create the production standards and operational efficiencies that would set high expectations so that changing the work for employees can demonstrate employee growth and the create a purpose that will bring greater rewards and incentives. The other factors are to figure out how the employees will be redesigned and have collaboration toward working together in learning the new skills and have team leaders have more involvement with guiding employees and having them vent out their concerns. * The two change models the leader might employ would be Kotter’s Eight Step Plan and Organizational Development. With the changes that are involved with this company, the leader of the this company is starting with understanding how the culture of technology has changed the business and knowing how products will have longevity in profitability or begin to downfall. For the first step under the eight step plan, the CEO has brought a compelling reason of needing to change the

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