Synopsis Of Romeo And Julie

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Romeo + Juliet: a summary

Title: Romeo + Julie

The movie “Rome + Julie” came out in 1996. The play is old and written by William Shakespeare. The story is about Romeo (played by leonardo DiCaprio) and Julie (played by Claire Danes), they are wildly in love with each other, but their families have been enemies for many generations. In the movie you get the whole story, when they meet, when they kiss, when they got married and all the problems.

Romeo is a boy age 16 and part of the family Montague. He is very sensitive guy and very fascinated by love. He falls in love very fast. In the beginning of the movie he is madly in love with a girl named Roselin. Then he meets Julie and falls in love with her very quickly. He is handsome and intelligent guy who is very likable. He talks very poetisk and in codes, mostly he talks …show more content…

When Romeo killed himself because he loved Juliet so much. It was a very sad ending but still very beautiful. They killed themself because they loved eachother so much, that is very sweet.

I think the plot in the movie is forbidden love. The plot make sense because forbidden love is also the situation in many parts of the world today. When Shakespeare wrote this story this was the main part of his story, and he would probably not believe that the same problem also would be present in the 21st Century.

I would recommend this movie to the age 13 years old and upward. I think the movie is very hard to understand and they use many different and hard words. If you really like love stories i will recommend this movie to you, it is a beautiful love story.
I think the movie was good. It is not the best movie i have seen but it was a beautiful story. But the ending irritated me, because the ending was sad. I am a fan of happy endings and because of that i didn't like the ending in this movie. But the movie was good, and it is definitely a movie that everyone should see at least once in their

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