Synthesis Essay : Henry Ford Essay

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Synthesis Essay – Henry Ford
MSgt Steven S. Bobbitt
Air Force Senior Noncommissioned Officer Academy Henry Ford What kind of leader would you be if you forged a new path and were leading the way in an industrial revolution? Would you set yourself up for fame or would you look out for those below you and what was to come in the future? In this paper, my claim is that Henry Ford was a Visionary and Ethical Leader. When many think about Henry Ford, their first thought is that of the assembly line; however, he did not invent the assembly line. He improved it along with the lives of those who worked for him. Henry Ford is responsible for many of the industrial processes that are still apparent in the civilian and military workforces today. Watts (2006), stated “by developing Fordism in the early twentieth century, with its formula of mass production and high wages, he offered a socioeconomic blueprint for the United States’ climb to global prominence over the next half-century. Perhaps more than any other person, Henry Ford created the American Century” (p. xv). In this paper we will review the Visionary Leadership of Henry Ford. I will explain how he used the “Z” Process within Team Dynamics as a risker taker and forward thinker. I will also show how he used Transformation leadership from Full Range Leadership to successfully lead his team and employees to accomplish goals. Secondly, Henry Ford was an Ethical Leader because he used Ethical Codes as described

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