Essay on Synthesis and Decomposition of Zinc Iodide

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Synthesis and Decomposition of Zinc Iodide Partners: Sonya Pasia and Kristen Kobayashi CH 085-01 20 September 2011 Zinc Iodide (ZnI2) was an interesting binary compound to experiment with. In this experiment, weakly acidified water (25mL distilled water with 18 drops 5M acetic acid solution) was used as an aid to bring molecules of the zinc and iodide atoms together, by dissolving iodine molecules, so that bonding would transpire to produce a reaction. Deprived of water, the Zn and I2 molecules would not be capable of moving close enough to each other, and a reaction would not occur. Deprived of acid, the reaction of Zn + I2 would have resulted in 2HI(aq) rather than ZnI2 (s), and it wouldn’t have appeared to follow the Law of…show more content…
Half of the solution was poured into an evaporating dish. Two copper wires were attached to a 9-volt battery on the electrodes. Wires were carefully bent and placed on opposite sides of the solution in the dish, where observations could be made regarding what has seen. Different physical properties were noted during addition of substances throughout the course of this experiment. From the beginning, it was noted that 2.01 grams of Zn metal was silver and had shiny flakes throughout. The 1.985 grams of I2 was dark gray in color and also appeared to be shiny. Once 5mL of acidified water was added, the solution began to change colors, becoming a dark red orange, which was discovered to be closer to Zn(I3) 2. This reaction was endothermic in nature due to heat that was felt in the duration of the reaction. The heat melted some of the I2 to create the I3 in this solution once the color disappeared. After this point it was found that only 0.541 grams of Zinc was consumed in the reaction, making Zn the excess reagent and I2 the limiting reagent. After the ZnI2 was dried, a light yellow powder was noted, and recorded to be the color of ZnI2 (s). When performing the decomposition, a dark By adding the 0.541 g Zn to the 1.985 g of I2 from the beginning of the experiment, it was predicted that there should be 2.526 g of ZnI2 in

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