Syrian The Refugee Crisis During The Syrian Civil War

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I’m sure in the past few months and years if you have turned on the news this topic has been talked about in high regard and with deep concern. A country at war, civilians pried from their homes and forced into ridicule and danger while in a search for a better life. If you haven’t caught on by now I am speaking about the Syrian refugee crisis in Europe. To really understand what should happen and what is happening you must know all things that are beyond that. First you should know that this is all a result of the Syrian Civil War started by the refusal of the Assad regime to step down during the Peaceful Arab Spring demonstration. During this protest in Syria, protesters were fired upon, some were killed, and many were injured. After this act, Syrian civilians started opening fire against government militia, and having violent protests of the government. Intern from all this, rebels leave the Syrian army to form the free Syrian army. Kurds also defect from the Assad Regime and make it a three-way battle.
In 2012 Iran, Assads biggest aid, starts to lend arms and troops to his war effort. The Gulf States, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, and United Arab Emirates help to fund the rebels in an attempt to end this war and have order amongst its neighbors. After photos surface up in 2013 of Assad using chemical weapons on his own civilians the United States steps in and helps fund the rebels or free Syrian army as well. This is where it gets complicated because now you
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